Course Pricing

The MBSR course is offered on a sliding scale which allows for participants to pay what is within their financial means. By selecting the highest amount you can reasonably afford, you are supporting the course as well as our scholarship applicants. No questions are asked regarding your payment, it is up to you pay what you are comfortable paying. It is our desire to not turn away anyone due to lack of financial resources.

Here are your payment options:

  • BENEFACTOR: $399
    • A payment at this level supports the MBSR programs' ongoing availability and enables the scholarship recipients to attend.
  • SUSTAINING: $299
    • A payment at this level represents the minimum cost of the program.
  • BASE: $199
    • A payment at this level will ease the burden for those unable to choose the sustaining or benefactor level.
    • We offer three full scholarships for the MBSR course for those exhibiting a strong desire to commit to the program as well as financial hardship. Please email before the deadline of March 10, 2018 with your inquiry regarding a scholarship.