What People Are Saying

"It was a privilege to navigate this 8-week course under the unfailing guidance of Jessica Webb. Jessica provides the tools, compassion, encouragement and kindness that you will need throughout this engaging and life-altering experience. As you will discover, there is no pressure to do anything, or be anything, other than who you are at this moment." -- G. Sotomayor, Newport (participant in Spring 2107)

"My intention in taking this course was to re-establish and strengthen my personal meditation practice. Now, with the eight weeks behind me, I feel like I've succeeded in that goal. I've also noticed that through this 8-week commitment to practice, and to myself, that I feel more in tune with the nuances of my practice and my day. I've begun noticing the subtle drives and urges behind my actions, and that noticing has given me a little breathing space, allowing myself a moment to more mindfully choose my reaction. I feel incredibly grateful to you, Jessica, for this opportunity to become more at ease with myself. Your humor, kindness and non-judgmental approach was the space I needed to find my place in these practices and to make them my own." -- R. Whitworth, Newport, RI (participant in Spring 2017)

"The gift of the MBSR course is to become more aware of the present. Jessica's support and guidance provided a foundation to build a daily practice of mindfulness. This course was a great reminder to slow down and breathe. Thank you for a wonderful presentation to this life-long practice." -- K. Clark, East Greenwich, RI (participant in Spring 2017)

"We appreciate so much your allowing us to take this class when we otherwise wouldn't have been able to. We looked forward to our Thursday evenings spent together more and more every week. We have taken so much from your teaching and enthusiasm and your words. We will miss the after-class car ride conversations, reflecting on life and how it related to what we learned in class. We are forever grateful for the safe space you created for us." -- Scholarship Recipients, Taunton, MA (Spring 2017)

"This course has profoundly changed me... I am grateful I found your class. It will always be with me." -- C. Cabral, Fairhaven, MA (participant in Spring 2016)

“I didn’t know what to expect from this course. It far exceeded anything I had imagined. This is a life-changing event; I will continue to use all the new skills I have acquired.” -- C. Marcotte, Somerset, MA (participant in Summer 2015)