Qigong Fundamentals

Justin Perreault

Justin Perreault

Qigong (pronounced "chee-gung") is an ancient healing art based on bringing balance to the body/mind/spirit by exercising and nourishing your internal energy or "qi." This is achieved though holding various postures, using specific breathing techniques, and focusing your intentions. This class is intended to introduce and develop body principles shared by all styles of qigong and to improve your understanding of the practice. To do this, we will explore various sitting, standing, and walking methods/meditations. With the skills we foster in this class, you can easily learn other styles or sets of qigong much faster and with a greater understanding of the mind/body dynamic. There are literally thousands of different qigong exercises that have been developed and refined over the last few millennia. However, they all share the same guiding principles that make them an effective means of self-healing. Since fundamentals are crucial to any skillful practice, this class will be on-going and will flow with the increasing skill level and experience of the participants. Like many other mind/body exercises, the benefits of qigong require a commitment to practice, thus an at-home routine in between group classes in encouraged. Please know that even if you've never taken qigong before, you are welcome in this class. We currently offer five classes per week to accommodate your new (and established) qigong practice!

BaDuanJin (Eight Brocade) Qigong

The BaDuanJin is a well known Qigong system practiced throughout the world. Used for centuries as a way to cultivate physical strength and radiant health, it consists of eight simple exercises to lengthen, relax, and bring strength to the tissues of the body. It also increases the circulation of blood and Qi to the extremities. As with any Qigong practice, it combines the principles of proper breathing and focus to bring about harmony in the body/mind/spirit complex.

Over the years, many variations of the exercises have come about, catering to the needs of the practitioners at the time... deep stances for training strength in the martial arts have been adjusted for easier practice by the elderly, etc. The set of exercises taught in this class will be geared toward building overall health and can easily be varied to individual needs as ones' abilities improve. We will also explore the connection each exercise has to the energetic meridians in association with Traditional Chinese Medicine so that students can grasp the true essence of the practice.