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We want you to bring your own yoga mat, it's just cleaner that way. But if you ever forget your mat, you can rent one of ours for $3.


Hatha Yoga (all levels): Hatha Yoga is the umbrella of all yoga styles. Hatha Yoga is knows as "the tree that bears fruit." Classes will take you into your body and into your true nature through movement, breath, meditation, and a basic incorporation of yogic philosophy. With careful instruction, Hatha yoga can be practiced by beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Ideal for anyone interested in encouraging harmony and balance into their life.

Kripalu Yoga (all levels/moderate): Kripalu Yoga includes a complete interplay of body, mind, breath, and heart. Gentle enough for beginners but challenging enough for seasoned yogis. Kripalu Yoga allows you to move at your own pace, honor your physical needs at every moment and cultivate the body, mind and spirit in a sympathetic and cohesive manner.

Body/Mind/Spirit Mixed-Level Yoga (all levels/moderate): This mixed level Hatha yoga class accommodates a wide range of experience levels from beginner to students who have practiced yoga for a long time. You will work on a discovering a balance between strength and flexibility while building endurance, and improving breathing and posture. 

Transformational Yoga (all levels): During each class session, Lindsay employs various methods such as Yin-style release work, hands-on assists, resistance stretching, natural movement, and various forms of meditation and breathing techniques to help students release tension and move from a more free and balanced place. This yoga practice is designed to deeply work the muscles of the torso to increase core strength and take weight off of the joints while creating ease in the muscles. This releases emotional blockages and changes existing patterns which cause tightness and pain, and replaces them with new patterns that create inner strength and a tension-free body. From the release of old patterns and tensions, the body is most able to find a balanced and sustainable way of practicing, which can be utilized in this and every yoga class. Moving from center, we are able to cultivate joy and longevity that extends far beyond the mat and into the world of movement throughout our lives.



Slow Flow Yoga (all levels/beginner): Playful and fun, lighthearted and grounding, Slow Flow is a Hatha-based class with Kripalu influence and a vinyasa flare. The Sun Salutation is a staple but it's slowed way down for ease and awareness to flourish. The time spent moving in Slow Flow is guided with modifications with room to explore the depth of sensations within each posture. Brighten and illuminate through this practice and glow your way into the night!

Gentle Yoga (all levels/beginner): Gentle yoga is an easy approach to a yoga practice that is slow and steady, and incorporates yoga props to support the body. Props can be placed in many ways to elongate the spine, open the hips, and thereby customize within a pose to suit your individual needs. Ideal for students who are new to yoga, students who have physical limitations or are recovering from injury, or students who simply need a more relaxing practice.

Chair Yoga Flow ($5 Community Class): Experience first-hand how a chair can change your current yoga practice, or how a chair can help you start a yoga practice. Using a chair, you will be taught specific chair yoga sequences and postures including downward-facing dog, the sun salutations, and so much more. Chair yoga is tremendously beneficial for many types of physical conditions.

vinyasa FLOW YOGA

Align & Refine Vinyasa (moderate/advanced): A length-and form-building class with detailed instruction and long holds that will allow you to see and understand your own strengths and weaknesses of the body and mind. Iyengar-infused, this class focuses on a mat-based practice which builds confidence and comfort in both mind and body; a class where you will work on a slower vinyasa flow with specifics of learning the alignment of the poses.

Therapy-Infused Vinyasa Flow (all levels): Stretch, strengthen and connect with your body, inner spirit and mind using breathing techniques, yoga postures and vinyasa flow sequences with modifications as needed. Complement your running, walking, swimming, gym workout with Therapy-Infused Vinyasa. Combining mindfulness, breath work and poses commonly used in therapy, this class is designed to cultivate strength and balance at a steady pace while integrating the practice of relaxation and joy. Witness the movement of the body and explore poses designed to release stiffness in the joints, tightness in the muscles and resistance in the mind.

Vinyasa Flow (moderate): A beautiful foundation for any yoga practice. In this class, you will be led through a sequence of postures that will integrate your own breath with your body's movement while focusing on strength and flexibility. Modifications, adjustments and assists will be offered during class. No matter where you may be in your practice, you will have the chance to build on it in this solid flow practice.


Mindful Yoga & Meditation (all levels/beginner): Slow is the new advanced. A class that is so deeply rooted in the present moment it will allow you to find the sacred pause in your own life. This class is a deliberate and awakened turn toward your senses. Taught for all levels with the braided influence of Buddhadharma and Hatha yoga. Please note that in this class, ample time will be spent in seated meditation practice.


Yogalates! Strengthen AND lengthen. Improve posture, balance, and breathing. Using Pilates techniques and props, combining them with yoga postures, this class will direct length to the abdominals muscles building a strong foundation. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting out, yogalates will benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

outdoor yoga at the Lighthouse

Every summer, we gather on the grassy lawn in the shadow of the lighthouse at Ned's Point in Mattapoisett. Like a homecoming, it's at one level a somatic hot air balloon ride and on another level a pleasingly slow plunge into the Grand Canyon of your physical and energetic bodies. Lighthouse yoga runs every Saturday from 8:15 - 9:30 a.m. in the summer months. We usually launch it on Memorial Day weekend and continue until after Labor Day, as long as the weather holds, which is usually the second week of September. Many students prefer to bring a blanket to lay underneath a yoga mat, water, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Pay what you like! We kindly suggest a $5 or $10 cash and a portion of the proceeds go to support Project Wheel House which provides free yoga and meditation classes to at-risk populations in our community.