Meditation fosters self-awareness and compassion.

Meditation fosters self-awareness and compassion.

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Mondays and Fridays

from 11:00 - 11:45 a.m.

This class is for anyone and everyone. Whether you are curious about meditation or you have an existing daily practice, come and sit with like-minded individuals. We'll start with a short reading and then sit together in silence or with gentle guidance. The practice will employ the four foundations of mindfulness and the traditional forms of breath awareness, walking meditation, loving-kindness (metta), and more. We have chairs, cushions, back jacks, blankets and mats for your comfort. In the spirit of the Buddhist tradition of däna (generosity), we offer this class freely. If you wish to make a donation, the funds will go toward supporting Project Wheel House, the non-profit sister company of Anchor Yoga.


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