MBSR Testimonials

“Taking this MBSR course with Jessica has been truly life-changing. I’ve learned that self-care is a necessity, even if it means only taking 5-10 minutes each day to reflect and reconnect. Now when I get stressed out I know that I have the tools I need to refocus my energy. The full day retreat felt daunting at first, but I truly believe it was necessary for that change to occur. I would highly recommend this class for anyone and everyone.” - Michelle C., (participant in Spring 2019)

“Participating in the 8-week MBSR course has truly changed my relationship with myself and how I live in the world. I am more in touch with my own body and I’ve learned to listen to what my body is telling me. I have learned to slow down and really listen to people before reacting. I have discovered my own inner wisdom and have tools to help me manage stress and more fully appreciate each moment of my life. Jessica is an amazing teacher...I highly recommend the MBSR course!” — Peggy G., Plymouth (participant in Spring 2019)

“I enjoyed the MBSR course for different reasons, including Jessica’s gentle guidance and my classmates' insights. I learned a great deal from other people’s experiences. Some of the important takeaways for me in the MBSR course were to appreciate and be kind to myself, as well as to concentrate on what is truly important in life and let go of stuff that doesn’t really matter… I looked forward to each session and absolutely loved the All-Day class, at the end of which I was reluctant to speak. That day was one of the best, if not the best, day of my life so far. — GS, Rhode Island (participant in Spring 2019)

“Your transition over the 8 weeks will surprise you. Jessica's way of presenting the material is the perfect balance of playful, exploratory, serious and silly. She is an exceptional guide throughout the course. With her help and the MBSR curriculum I was able to return to work after two years of unemployment due to difficult anxieties. I credit her enthusiasm surrounding MBSR, mindful living and radical self love with helping me re-enter the world with the confidence to be myself, unapologetically, as the resilient woman I am. If you think there is a spark inside of you that isn't getting enough oxygen, sign up for MBSR! I dare you.” — Anonymous, 26, sexual assault and domestic violence survivor, MBSR scholarship recipient, grateful beyond words (participant in Spring 2019)

“Experiencing the MBSR training and practices has been life-altering for me. I continue to strive to incorporate it into my daily life and I feel that it has opened up a whole new level of awareness for me albeit not without pain and sadness. But my overwhelming feelings are increasing peace and compassion for myself and hopefully for others.” — Marianne H. Fairhaven, MA (participant in Fall 2018)

“The MBSR class was eye-opening in letting me find out more about myself and seeing how I deal with life's challenges. By observing this about myself, I was able to recognize when I had feelings of stress and anxiety, and then having the tools to work with these uncomfortable feelings.” — Brooke M., Mattapoisett, MA (participant in Fall 2018)

“Jessica is an open, engaging and compassionate instructor. The course is life changing, it has really awakened me. Highly recommended for everyone.” — Melanie B., Marion, MA (participant in Fall 2018)

"I have meditated intermittently throughout my life and chose to participate in the MBSR course with Jessica this spring to 'jump start' getting back into a regular daily practice. I was a little skeptical that I could truly learn anything new in regards to meditating but I was pleasantly surprised. Jessica is one of the most genuine and talented instructors I have ever had the fortune to meet. I loved meeting on Monday nights with a wonderful group of individuals from all walks of of life to touch base on how our practice was going. This course was definitely what I needed, I find myself craving to meditate on a daily basis rather then feeling like it’s a chore I need to complete.” -- Anonymous, Spring 2018

“I absolutely loved the MBSR class I took at Anchor Yoga and think of it as a wonderful gift that I gave myself. Our class bonded very well, and I looked forward to Monday nights each week when this group of individuals of all ages and walks of life came together on a shared journey towards greater peace and awareness. Jessica was our wise and thoughtful leader who kept the material engaging throughout. Over the course of the eight weeks, she exposed to us to a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques and allowed us to explore what worked best for us. While I still need lots more practice, I’ve integrated some of these techniques into my daily routine and am really happy to have new tools in my toolbox for coping with life’s ups and downs. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to take this class. I’d recommend it highly to anyone!” -- Rachel V., Mattapoisett, MA (participant in Spring 2018)

"The MBSR class with Jessica was all it needed to be and more: informative, peaceful, moving, fun, and truly life-altering and affirming. Monday nights were a time to go back to what we need to: the present moment. The tools and inspiration acquired will propel you to make mindfulness a priority in your life. Just being in Jessica’s presence was a gift. If you have time, or better yet if you don’t, make a leap and sign up. It will be such a great decision with life-altering rewards." -- Heather A., Fairhaven, MA (participant in Spring 2018)

"Through Jessica’s skilled guidance this course lays down a solid foundation for continued mindfulness in daily life. I found this course to be a very insightful and rewarding experience. I highly recommend this course, it is well worth the time and effort." -- Janet A., Mattapoisett, MA (participant in Spring 2018)

"When I discovered the MBSR program I was interested but apprehensive about whether I could successfully implement these practices into my life. I am happy to say this program exceeded my expectations! I believe due to the skillful way Jessica presents the material it allows you to build your daily practice without effort. It was only after a couple of weeks I found my mindfulness practice was impacting my day-to-day life in a positive way. I am so happy I participated in the MBSR program and I look forward where this new journey will take me! Thank you again, Jessica, it was such a pleasure participating in this program! -- Dawn D., New Bedford, MA (participant in Spring 2018)

"I was born a caretaker. Many of us are. It's a part of life. I have taken pristine care of those I have loved. I have celebrated with my little ones as they arrived in this world and took their first breath and have had the honor of holding the hands of other loved ones as they took their last.

I have healed boo-boos with magic kisses, helped with science projects, held snowman-building classes, watched endless skateboard tricks, sewn outfits for school plays, picked up stranded relatives, beaded wedding gowns, crocheted afghans, chaperoned school trips and made baby shower favors until the wee hours of the morning. I have hosted birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, bon voyage parties, retirement parties. I have sent an infinite number of cards, flowers, and birthday boxes to remember all their special days, just to make them take a moment from their busy lives to celebrate themselves. 

In support of my loved ones, I have brought warm casseroles, held trembling hands, lent a strong shoulder, encouraged them in their despair, dried wet tears, reminded them of their amazing value in this life, given long hugs, listened closely, and just shared the healing quiet side by side. I have packed up, moved and given anything and everything needed to my loved ones to achieve their dreams. I have been a teacher, a cheerleader, a therapist, a doctor, a fashion designer, an artist. I have been a daughter, a mother, a sister in law, a niece, a cousin, an auntie, and a grandmother.

I was born a caretaker... and as such, I forgot to do all of these things for myself as well.

There is a saying: "Speak to yourself as you would someone you love."

The MBSR program turns the mirror around to your own image and asks, "How about you? How are you doing? Are you taking care of you? Do you know how?"

Jessica and the MBSR program helped me to re-wire myself to include me in all that care-taking and love and kindness and healing and support that I give out to others. What an incredible peace is felt when you heal the self!

It was the 'thing' that was missing from my life. The reason that the load I carried for others now felt so very heavy and was affecting my health. The meditation and yoga are so healing and stress relieving, but the education in this course is a life-changer! Self-awareness, self-care and self-love is key to being able to do everything else you want to do in your life! 

I now have an inner peace that I couldn't have found any other way. From the center of my inner peace, I thank you, Jessica, and the MBSR program. -- Heather M., Fairhaven, MA (participant in Spring 2018)

"The MBSR program is one of the most eye-opening and awakening experiences. To be aware, to be awake, to show up and just be. This program has encouraged me to fall head over heels in love with myself, for all that I am. This program has taught me that the only 'role' I should be playing is ME, unapologetically and lovingly me. There's no need to hide behind a façade, but instead always show up and be yourself." -- Vanessa M., Swansea, MA (participant in Fall 2017)

"Thank you again for enlightening me to embrace all the pleasant and unpleasant events in my life. I’ve had several situations since your class that before your teachings, I would have just reacted and defended. But now, I just accept and acknowledge. I still have my moments so it’s a work in progress but it was you who brought meditation into my daily life and it has helped me greatly at home and at work. So again, thank you, I am truly grateful to carry this gift into 2018 and the years ahead." -- Corie T., New Bedford, MA (participant in Fall 2017)

"The MBSR program with Jessica has been amazing. I have found that the practice of noticing has appeared in many aspects of my life, from communicating with family and children, to listening more deeply to my clients at work. Carving our time each day to notice has had measurable effects on my experience of life stress and allowed me to more successfully practice a pause before reacting. It was truly a transformative experience." -- Rebecca L., Dartmouth, MA (participant in Fall 2017)

"[Jessica's] mentoring and teaching approach allowed me to accomplish the goals I set at the beginning of class. I was aware of much of what we covered, but now have a much deeper understanding. Thank you." -- Robert L., Rochester, MA (participant in Fall 2017)

"MBSR has increased my self-compassion, love, creativity, and intuition. Jessica brings the teaching alive through her skillful guidance." -- Janet W., Dartmouth, MA (participant in Fall 2017 and Summer 2015)

"It was a privilege to navigate this eight-week course under the unfailing guidance of Jessica Webb. Jessica provides the tools, compassion, encouragement and kindness that you will need throughout this engaging and life-altering experience. As you will discover, there is no pressure to do anything, or be anything, other than who you are at this moment." -- Gretchen S., Newport, RI (participant in Spring 2107)

"My intention in taking this course was to re-establish and strengthen my personal meditation practice. Now, with the eight weeks behind me, I feel like I've succeeded in that goal. I've also noticed that through this eight-week commitment to practice, and to myself, that I feel more in tune with the nuances of my practice and my day. I've begun noticing the subtle drives and urges behind my actions, and that noticing has given me a little breathing space, allowing myself a moment to more mindfully choose my reaction. I feel incredibly grateful to you, Jessica, for this opportunity to become more at ease with myself. Your humor, kindness and non-judgmental approach was the space I needed to find my place in these practices and to make them my own." -- Rachael W., Newport, RI (participant in Spring 2017)

"The gift of the MBSR course is to become more aware of the present. Jessica's support and guidance provided a foundation to build a daily practice of mindfulness. This course was a great reminder to slow down and breathe. Thank you for a wonderful presentation to this life-long practice." -- Kara C., East Greenwich, RI (participant in Spring 2017)

"We appreciate so much your allowing us to take this class when we otherwise wouldn't have been able to. We looked forward to our Thursday evenings spent together more and more every week. We have taken so much from your teaching and enthusiasm and your words. We will miss the after-class car ride conversations, reflecting on life and how it related to what we learned in class. We are forever grateful for the safe space you created for us." -- Scholarship Recipients, Taunton, MA (Spring 2017)

"This course has profoundly changed me... I am grateful I found your class. It will always be with me." -- Cheryl C., Fairhaven, MA (participant in Spring 2016)

“I didn’t know what to expect from this course. It far exceeded anything I had imagined. This is a life-changing event; I will continue to use all the new skills I have acquired.” -- Colette M., Somerset, MA (participant in Summer 2015)