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Healthy Shoulders, Strong Core Series

Lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching, climbing, stretching. The shoulder is the most sophisticated and complicated joint in the human body AND it's the joint with the greatest range of motion. Made up of bones, joint groups, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, the shoulder allows you to move your hand almost anywhere in space. Which is why many of us experience soreness from overuse or even injury in this complicated part of the body.

In this fourth and final class of a very unique four-week series of classes led by occupational therapist Deb Days Fraine, you will be given ways to work with shoulder issues in your yoga practice. Deb will work with you to design a home practice that will help relieve shoulder pain and prevent injury.

Did you know that strengthening the core can prevent shoulder injury? Learn postural considerations, ergonomics for work and home, plus core strengthening exercises. By seeing and feeling for yourself the complex system of the shoulder, you will be better able to move and modify your yoga practice.

Deb Days Fraine (RYT 200) has more than 29 years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of shoulder injuries and conditions. 

Simply drop in to one class at a time for $25. No class passes accepted for this series.