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Meditation and Mandalas

Note new time!

Using the art of the mandala to connect to the present moment is at once both meditatively grounding and creatively stimulating. The mandala form has been around for millennia in Asian cultures; the word mandala simply means "circle." In this workshop, you will be able to let your paper mandala choose you (by reaching into a pouch) or you can choose your mandala with your eyes open. Then, you will be guided in a brief meditation on a particular theme of love, kindness, joy, compassion, creativity, or prosperity to set the tone for the class. Next, we will color together for approximately 45 minutes. Then, we will share our experiences, speaking to what we noticed. This class is less about "making something look perfect" and more about noticing the moment-to-moment experience of creativity, breath, and energetic flow. When class ends, you can either toss your paper mandala (a cultural nod to the Buddhist practice embracing impermanence -- speaking of impermanence, check out this sand mandala!), or if you wish to keep it, you may take it home with you. If you didn't get to finish your piece, you can also save it for next month's class! Mandala coloring sheets are provided as are a limited supply of colored pencils. So, if you have your own colored pencils, please feel free to bring them! 

This monthly workshop is held on the fourth Friday of the month from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Drop on in for $15. Sorry, class passes are not accepted for this monthly workshop.