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Living With the Five Elements: Wood

The first installment in a series of five, this workshop will focus on the element of Wood as pertaining to the 5 Element Theory system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Five Elements Theory of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water creates a framework with which we can approach our health, seasonal changes, our life patterns, dietary choices, and even goals and intentions in a balanced way, keeping with the flow and cycles of nature.

In TCM theory each of the Elements has associated internal organs and other various physical, emotional, and seasonal connections, bringing together a holistic view of our health and a guide map on how we can return to balance.

The Wood Element gives us a chance to explore Spring and all of its associations!

We will go over the basic function of the Liver/Gallbladder in TCM theory. Learn to find and stimulate specific Acupoints to balance the liver/gallbladder. Dietary/lifestyle recommendations specific to the wood element, and how to work with the Spring time energy to set up the rest of the year, making the most of your efforts. Classes will have lecture as well as active practice in the exercises which will include the qigong healing sound for the liver with accompanying meditation, and moving Qigong to massage the Liver and energetic channel itself. All of this will culminate into a knowledge that will help you develop a keen sense of your body and its needs through the changing season.

Learning to live in harmony with the Elements and their season can be life changing and thrilling as it shows us the ruts we've been stuck in and how to end the cycle. I hope you'll join us on this year long journey of exploration! 

This incredible three-hour class is $40 per person. You may register in advance right here.

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