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Candlelight Series with Simone: Yoga 28

Simone Romig

Simone Romig

Simone Romig, owner of Yoga Twenty-Eight in Marion, is bringing you a four-week series of candlelit yoga. Each week a new focus, a new sequence, a new experience... a new you! 

Week one, on June 1, is an exploration of Athletica Yoga, a flowing sequence of asanas (postures) designed to increase flexibility and ensure injury prevention for those who practice other vigorous workouts like running and Crossfit off the mat. This class will also help maintain a healthy lower back by building core strength. 

Week 2, on June 8, will be an experience in Vinyasa Flow yoga. Vinyasa flow incorporates hatha asanas in a flowing style of dynamic and conscious movement with an emphasis on rhythmic breathing, proper alignment, and drishti (yogic gaze). 

Week 3, on June 15, come feel the strength of Power Yoga. The breath (Ujjayi pranayama), the gaze (drishti), energy valves (bandhas), and internal heat (tapas built through vinyasas) are all part of power yoga. This practice will be enhanced by adding modifications to postures and using the wall for performing inversions.

Week 4, on June 22, Simone will lead you through Yoga 28. Yoga 28 is an intense flow with longer holds of postures and in incorporation of 28 poses ranging from standing and sitting poses to arm-supported and supine poses.

Illuminated with candles inside as the sun sets outside, the studio will be warmed to a calming temperature for an intimate and inward somatic journey of the senses. Feel and experience the internal and external glow.

You may drop in to each one of these classes individually (studio rates apply, see pricing page), use your existing class card, or purchase all four classes for a discounted price (total for four candlelight classes is $52, no refunds).

About the instructor: Simone wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of Yoga. She is a Hatha Yoga instructor who has been sharing her insight with students for five years. Drawing from her experience in Hatha, Vinyasa and meditation, Simone devotes her energy to helping students realize an array of physical, mental and emotional benefits that derives from Yoga practice. She also helps students concentrate on the evolution of each asana, as well as their own and unique approach to overcoming challenges. Simone assists each student with connecting and identifying with their inner-essence by exploring the tri-sphere (physical, mental and emotional) state during practices. Simone is a 300 hour Hatha and Kids Yoga Teacher Certified by Aura Wellness Center.  

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