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Seven Other Limbs: An Introduction to Yogic Philosophy

Have you ever wondered how to take your practice "off the mat" and incorporate practical ways to truly live your yoga? Many modern-day yoga classes focus on only one branch of the eight-limbed path of yoga, the physical and postural practice known as asana. But, there are seven other branches to the deep and transformative yogic lifestyle.

In an eye-opening four-week series of exploration, Sandra Sādhānā will clearly explain and show you the other ways that yoga can play major role in your life "off the mat". Learn how to cultivate a yogic lifestyle by gaining a fundamental understanding of the other seven branches through practical application and skillful means.

atha yogā nuśāsanam.
(and now, the teachings of yoga)
— Patanjali's Yoga Sutra I.1

Each class will include grounding meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), lecture/discussion and chai tea!  Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the practice, you will no doubt deepen your roots and expand your practice. 

For the full experience, come early to Sandra's Kripalu Yoga class from 5:00 - 6:15 for Asana practice!

  • 7/6/17 – Yamas (restraints)
  • 7/13/17 – Niyamas (observances)
  • 7/20/17 – Pratyahara (sense withdrawl) & Dharana (concentration)
  • 7/27/17 – Dhyana (meditation) & Samadhi (absorption)

Cost: $50 for the four-class series, or drop-in to one for $15. Sorry, no class passes accepted for this series.