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Be Well, Naturally: Introducing Ayurveda

Part 1 of the Activate Ayurveda Vitality Two-Part Series

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old science which brings together the qualities of each person, their breath, the seasons of the year, the food they eat, meditation and yoga to bring the best health to an individual's life. The following two workshops will bring the Power of Ayurveda to your life.

Do you feel your health is out of control? Do you long for better rest? Do you want to manage your weight? In this interactive introduction to Ayurveda, you will get a grip on these and more essentials to natural well-being. This workshop will put together the building blocks of the 3 dispositions (doshas), the 5 elements which comprise them, and the 6 tastes that make up our food. Learn how the body works naturally. You can align with the rhythms of the day, seasons, and your lifespan. Get acquainted with the daily practices (dinacharya) that support well-being and longevity and walk away with a taste of new ways to enhance your life.

This workshop is the first in a two-part series. You may purchase a pass for one workshop for $55 or buy the "Activate Ayurveda" package and get both workshops for $99. That's a total of six hours of interactive learning and in-depth instruction!

Part 2 of the series, Breath, Awareness, and Vitality: The Ayurveda Way, will be held on August 13 and the details are right here!

About Denise

Denise Alston

Denise Alston

Denise Alston, Ph.D., RYT-500, is an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and ParaYoga® teacher who began teaching in 2003, when she received her 200-hour Kripalu certificate. Denise also leads The Four Desires process – a yoga practice and philosophy approach to finding and realizing your purpose (dharma) by releasing old habits and maximizing self-awareness.