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Synergy of Sound: Fairhaven Healing Arts Full Blue Moon Concert


To celebrate and invoke the energy of the full blue moon, please join Synergy of Sound for a special sound healing concert on March 31st.

For thousands of years sound, music, and rhythm have been used by indigenous and wisdom traditions for celebration, ceremony, healing, and spiritual growth. Synergy of Sound Concerts are brought to the community as an offering in the spirit of these traditions. The wisdom of using sound and vibration is timeless and its effectiveness is now being confirmed through modern scientific studies.

Each concert will be a unique expression and embodiment of the moment. After a brief introduction, you will be guided through an extended sound meditation lasting from 60 to 75 minutes. You'll be invited to connect to body, mind, spirit with the support of the harmonic, rhythmic sounds of a variety of ancient and contemporary instruments from around the world including gongs, tingshas, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, flutes, voice and more. Afterwards, time will be given for sharing, questions, and integration.

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow to sit or lie comfortably on the floor. You may also use a chair if you prefer. No experience necessary.


$25 before 3/31

$30 on 3/31

The practitioners are all Energy Medicine and Sound Healing graduates of Fairhaven Healing Arts. They continue to learn in advanced classes and to serve as apprentices in a variety of ways. All three have experienced firsthand the healing and transformative power of sound.

Paula Lazaroff is owner of Essential Healing Arts, a private practice providing individual sessions combining somatic bodywork, sacred sound healing, energy medicine, shamanic journeying, cranial-sacral therapy, classes on meditation and sound  healing, guided sound meditations, and community ceremonies.

Duncan Whittier has a private practice offering individual sessions combining transformational bodywork, sacred sound, and energy medicine. Duncan also offers group sessions utilizing a rare 21-inch Jambati Tibetan singing bowl to assist individuals with grounding and healing and introduce them to the power of sound.

Jacquie Fehon is a lifelong musician who became passionate about music that serves to bring people together, expresses their joy and arises organically from the land where they live. Her experience of her own personal healing from sound at Fairhaven Healing Arts has helped her realize her own music could be healing and uplifting for others. Inspired to serve from the heart, Jacquie is a part of the FHA ministry and graciously volunteers her time.

About Fairhaven Healing Arts and Synergy of Sound: The founder of Synergy of Sound is Lisa Ishwari Murphy, the director of Fairhaven Healing Arts. Lisa has spent more than 30 years developing an integrated teaching on sound healing called A Sound Body of Knowledge, combining natural law, transformative sound healing and energy medicine practices as well as including the physical and energetic understanding of the instruments used. Coming from her unique lineage of a direct connection to indigenous streams of consciousness, this sound healing style has a sacred energy that is authentic, grounded, light and powerful. 

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