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Dosha to Metta II: Ayurveda and Thai Massage Immersion

do-sha n. (in Ayurvedic medicine) each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.

met-ta n. Pali term meaning loving-kindness or loving-friendliness for self and others.

In this return to an old favorite, Dosha to Metta II, Sophia and Sandra will guide you through more depth and detail within the practices of Ayurveda and Thai Massage. Sophia will begin with a review of the Elements and Doshas to become familiar with the basics, then dive into the theories that build the backbone of Ayurveda.  Using the knowledge from "the study of life" to practice sensory care and apply tools for maintaining health within the seasons to the time of day. 

With the knowledge gained from Sophia’s lecture, we will transition into the rhythmic practice of Thai massage.  Sandra will teach how to dance around the recipient's body with gentle stretching, palming and thumbing of energy lines and using breath work to deepen the experience.  This practice will bring the physical, mental and energetic bodies into a Sattvic state, or a place of natural balance.  Some knowledge of body awareness is helpful but not required.  Sign up with a friend or come open to connect with your local sangha! All are welcome.

Cost: $45 Early Bird, $50 Drop in