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Pain Prevention Yoga Series

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Do you love Downward-Facing Dog, but find your shoulders or wrists sore the next day? Do you live with persistent or nagging aches in the muscles or joints and want yoga to help rather than harm? You are not alone!

Pain-Prevention Yoga is just that: a workshop series that will educate you on how to adjust YOUR body for less pain, more flexibility, and greater strength during your yoga practice. Each class will include detailed, hands-on instruction, plus take-home yoga sequences, articles, anatomy demonstration, meditation and relaxation with lavender oil massage.

On Feb. 11, the focus will be on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and wrists with yoga poses, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (resist/rest/stretch) techniques, and pranayama (breathing manipulation). You will also learn specific tips for relieving pressure on shoulders and wrists through positioning and strengthening.

On Feb. 18, the focus will be on relieving low-back pain and hamstring tightness with yoga poses, props and pranayama. This session is especially helpful for runners and walkers looking for a balance to their regular workouts.

On Feb. 25, the focus will be on ways to open the hips without causing pain in the knees. Poses that open the hips are helpful for preventing back and hip pain, but if not approached with the proper care and alignment, they may put the knees at risk. Learn to safely perform hip-opening poses with a focus on protecting the knee joint with individually-tailored cueing and use of props. Special attention will also be given to feet.

Deb Fraine, RYT-200 and Orthopedic Occupational Therapist, will present this blended series of classes to both increase body-awareness for problem areas and give you ways to alleviate your own pain and tension.

You can come to all three classes for maximum benefit, or choose one that deals with your specific issues.