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The Power of Adduction: Inner Fire Yogalates

(of a muscle) To move toward the midline of the body or toward another part.
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Core: The central, innermost, or most essential part of something.

The power of adduction brings a surefire focus to the third chakra (manipura), our inner fire. When adduction is initiated, we are powered up and, like the metalsmith with her forge, we can then harness that energy to illuminate the higher chakras, stoking the energy wheels and raising our consciousness. From the fire below, we extend upwards toward lightness.

This workshop -- part of our spring CoREvolution movement -- is a fierce fusion of yoga and mat pilates that will develop and maintain your abdominal muscles. By strengthening these deep core muscles that support your spine, vis-à-vis the unique system of Pilates, you will increase focus and build endurance in each pose, opening the gates of energy flow. 

This workshop will teach you ways to use blocks, Pilates Magic Circles, and straps to stoke the embers of your manipura chakra, your inner fire. (Not to mention, by adducting, scissoring, and engaging the powerhouse muscles of the body in yoga, you automatically correct common postural misalignments!) Ready to get fired up?

Led by Jenn Risio, RYT.

Cost: $25 Before April 15

$30 On April 15