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Ananda Vernal Equinox Yoga Retreat

(in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.”
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The vernal equinox has long been a time of celebration. This is when we begin to have a reasonable hope for warmer weather, intermingled with life-giving rains. As the days grow ever longer, we look ahead to the first stolen moments of sun on bare skin, planting season, and off in the distance - farmers markets, beach pilgrimages, and the languid heat of summer. Together we will delve into the inner spring cleaning, throwing wide the windows of our hearts to welcome in the sun, and the fertile energy of new beginnings after the long dormancy of winter.

Join Lindsay and Sandra to celebrate the spring equinox, making time for celebration and contemplation as the wheel of winter turns to spring. The themes we will explore together are renewal, warmth, and expansion, bringing us into the spring season ready to lay the groundwork for growth and abundance.

During the workshop we will practice yoga and pranayama practices for detoxification, talk about Ayurvedic nutrition for the springtime, explore a guided visualization, and take a mindful walk together as a group. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring your yoga mat, a packed lunch, and a journal. Please also bring weather-appropriate layers for our outdoor activities - bundle up as needed!

A minimum of 6 participants are needed to hold this retreat.

And a maximum of 15 to allow for a deeper experience for everyone.

Cost: $75

Pre-registration required