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Journey Through the Chakras: A Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Nidra Experience


Connect with and align the chakras through direct experience for balance and restoration!

The chakras are the energy “wheels” of the subtle body that receive, transmit, and process life energy. When a chakra is out of alignment, we may feel ungrounded, weak, stuck -- and when we balance the chakras, we feel stronger, more powerful, more in tune with life.

The intention of this extended class is to guide you to consciously open the chakras to move energy through the body. We will orient with the basics of the seven main chakras. We will then experientially connect with and awaken them by engaging in Kundalini Yoga “moving meditation” postures. Finally, in a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra guided meditation, we will journey through the chakras and open healing energy pathways at the subtlest level.

This class is appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Led by Sheri Simon (Kundalini) and Carly Baumann (Yoga Nidra)

Cost: $30 Early Bird

$35 Drop In

Earlier Event: November 2
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Later Event: November 3
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